Headshot Ophelia Engelhardt-Funke

Ophelia Engelhardt-Funke

Ophelia Engelhardt-Funke joined Hannover Re US in August 2017 as Senior Vice President and CRO.  Ophelia has over fifteen years of reinsurance experience in various roles and locations of Hannover Re Group. Before joining Hannover Re US, Ophelia served as General Manager with world-wide responsibility for Retrocession and Health Reinsurance at Hannover Re’s head office in Germany. Previous roles at Hannover Re include locations in Germany and the US and responsibilities with risk mitigation and capital optimization through retrocession, business development and modelling for the UK longevity market as well as life and health pricing, data monitoring and business development for Spanish speaking markets, former Soviet Union markets and Israel as well as US accelerated underwriting business.

Ophelia holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, Germany, a master’s degree in Stochastics from Leibnitz University of Hannover and a Doctorate Degree in stochastic optimization from Technical University of Clausthal, Germany. She is a member of the actuarial society of Germany, Deutsche Aktuar Vereinigung (DAV).

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