Find a CERA

Do you need an expert risk manager or are you looking to find the areas and industries in which CERAs work? Maybe you're looking for a specific individual who holds the CERA designation.

With over 6,500 CERAs globally, our Find-a-CERA tool puts this information at your fingertips.


Using Find-a-CERA, you can search for a CERA holder* by:

  • job title
  • surname
  • employer
  • country of residence and
  • actuarial association membership.

*Only CERA holders who have consented to having their data shared will appear on the ‘Find-a-CERA’ functionality.

You can learn more about the CERA credential here.


For holders of the CERA designation

If you appear on Find-a-CERA and your information needs to be updated, please get in touch with us at [email protected] and we will make the necessary changes. These will be reflected in the next data upload.

Furthermore, if you are a CERA holder and wish to appear on the ‘Find-a-CERA’ functionality, please contact us using the same email address as listed above.


Find CERAs

Personal Information Employment Information CERA Awarded Memberships
Name Details Year Organisation Pathway Actuary
Mingxu Zhao [email protected]
Chendu, Sichuan, China
Asset-liability manager
Guobao Life Insurance Co Ltd
2022 SOA Exam SOA
Ichen Yen [email protected]
Chicago, IL, USA
Senior Actuarial Analyst
2022 SOA Exam SOA, AAA
Rachel Wescott [email protected]
Wildwood, MO, USA
Senior Actuarial Associate
2022 SOA Exam SOA
David Tuomi [email protected]
Milwaukee, WI, USA
Senior Actuarial Analyst
Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Company
2022 SOA Exam SOA
Miguel Enrique Torres [email protected]
Carmel, IN, USA
Assistant Actuary
CNO Financial Group
2022 SOA Exam SOA, AAA
Jared Taylor [email protected]
North Syracuse, NY, USA
2022 SOA Exam SOA, AAA
Amelia Tavarnesi [email protected]
Westport, CT, USA
Sr Actuarial Associate
2022 SOA Exam SOA
Gabriel Sutkamp [email protected]
Louisville, KY, USA

2022 SOA Exam SOA, AAA
Michael Sinkovic [email protected]
Columbus, OH, USA
Nationwide Insurance
2022 SOA Exam SOA

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