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Personal Information Employment Information CERA Awarded Memberships
Name Details Year Organisation Pathway Actuary
Matthew Zuber [email protected]
St Paul, MN, USA
Senior Actuarial Associate
Securian Financial Group
2015 SOA Exam SOA
Yinglei Zhu [email protected]
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Associate Director
Sun Life Financial
2010 SOA Exam SOA, CIA
Aaron Ziegler [email protected]
Bloomington, Illinois, USA
State Farm Life Insurance Co
2010 SOA Exam SOA, AAA
Mark Zhukovsky [email protected]
Chicago, IL, USA
Director, H&B Actuarial
Aon Hewitt
2017 SOA Exam SOA
Danielle Zumpano [email protected]
Lake Grove, New York, USA
Senior Actuarial Associate
2017 SOA Exam SOA
Andy Zheng [email protected]
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Associate Actuary
Conrad Siegel Actuaries
2014 SOA Exam SOA, AAA
Yue Zhao [email protected]
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Assistant Actuarial Manager
AXA China Region Insurance Co Ltd
2015 SOA Exam SOA
Zilong Zhao [email protected]
Mayfield, PA, USA
Actuarial Lead Analyst
2019 SOA Exam SOA
Yihe Zhao [email protected]
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Senior Actuarial Analyst
Sun Life Financial
2014 SOA Exam SOA

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