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What is CERA?

CERA is a global risk management credential aimed exclusively at actuaries looking to launch their careers in ERM.

What is CERA?
How do I become a CERA?
What are the benefits?
What a CERA knows about ERM
CPD requirements for qualified CERAs
Where do CERAs work?

CERA is a global risk management credential which:​

  • Encompasses a world­‐class curriculum that combines actuarial science with the theoretical, practical and professional principles of ERM
  • Instils the highest professional standards, with an impeccable code of ethics and rigorous educational requirements
  • Is recognised worldwide and transferable internationally
  • Is consistent with modern, effective methodologies
  • Applies both qualitative and quantitative insight to ERM, and
  • Equips risk management professionals to empower better business decisions and more profitable business developments.

Recent Interviews​​

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All CERAs have satisfied the requisite education and training requirements as set out in the Global CERA Treaty.

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