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CPD Requirements for qualified CERAs

Keep your expertise up to date by meeting your CPD requirements.

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CPD requirements for qualified CERAs
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Actuaries are usually required to maintain their competence once qualified through continuing professional development (CPD).

Members pride themselves on their learning, not only at the point of entry to the profession but throughout their careers. One quality that distinguishes a profession is the acceptance of a responsibility, in the public interest, to keep levels of knowledge and competence current throughout a professional career through their CPD Scheme, a rigorous programme of professional development.

Members who also have the CERA credential are advised to include some risk management learning and skills in the technical CPD undertaken. Of course, if your work or role directly involves risk management then you will already be ensuring that your learning activities are relevant to your work.

You are advised to check with your own actuarial association whether they have any specific additional CPD requirements for CERAs.