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About the CGA

Dedicated to promoting and administering the CERA credential worldwide.

About the CGA
CERA Member Actuarial Association
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Dedicated to promoting and administering the CERA credential worldwide. The functioning of the CGA is governed by a Treaty with signatories from actuarial professional bodies around the globe that are full members of the IAA.

To ensure that the CERA credential is regarded as the most rigorous and comprehensive enterprise risk management credential available to meet the global needs in risk management.

Through the combined efforts of the CGA and its worldwide Treaty Member Associations we will seek to enhance the brand of the CERA credential and promote ERM as an attractive field for actuaries and the actuarial profession as a source of competent ERM practitioners and sound ERM advice.

We articulate the aims and objectives of the CERA Global Association and ensure that we continue to honor the principles of the CERA Global Treaty. We are:


We ensure that the CERA credential continues to instill the highest professional standards, with an impeccable code of conduct and rigorous educational requirements, by developing progressive syllabus content, and maintaining a strong quality assurance program to monitor delivery.


We underpin the only global risk management credential, based on mastery of one set of learning objectives, with accreditation applied on a consistent worldwide basis.


We are dedicated to fulfilling our active partnership role by working with and supporting Treaty Member Associations to develop and promote the CERA credential as the desirable attribute for employers and regulators seeking to engage ERM skills.

In November 2009, a group of actuarial professional bodies took the unprecedented step of agreeing to collaborate to develop and administer a new credential in enterprise risk management (ERM) – the Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuary (CERA).

This was a ground breaking achievement, and the birth of the Global CERA Treaty. Treaty Award Signatories are entitled to award their members who achieve the CERA credential subject to continued compliance with the requirements of the Treaty.

Member Associations are subject to a rigorous review of their proposed CERA pathway, ensuring it meets the CERA Global Association’s demanding standards. The Treaty includes a strong quality assurance program to maintain the high quality of the credential. The current members of the CERA Global Association span five continents and the number of Treaty Award Signatories continues to grow.

All Treaty Award Signatories are represented on the CGA Board.

Cumulative growth of CERA holders plus the number of new CERA holders in the year*

*correct as on May 2020


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The CGA Treaty

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