What are the benefits? CERAs play more diverse roles at organisations of all kinds—giving them greater exposure to the C-Suite and leadership, and empowering them to become a more highly valued resource for a company.

Why qualify as a CERA?

  • Technically strong business focused qualification
  • Global recognition
  • Consistent with modern, effective methodologies
  • Applies both qualitative and quantitative insight to ERM
  • Instils the highest professional standards with an impeccable code of ethics
  • Equips risk management professionals to empower better business decisions.

What are the benefits for me?

Actuaries are expanding the horizon of activity in the risk management space to meet the growing needs of the wider business world, while simultaneously using the skills of the profession’s growing membership to provide useful, stimulating and well-rewarded employment. CERAs are the risk professionals best qualified to lead an organisation’s enterprise risk management (ERM) programme.

  • Opening up opportunities for you outside the traditional actuarial work areas
  • Allowing you to contribute to a broad range of fields, not just including life insurance, general insurance, banking, asset management, pension funds, healthcare insurance and other financial services, but also opportunities in risk management within technology, energy, transportation – and others
  • Increasing your flexibility in career options
  • Providing a globally recognised and transferable qualification
  • Improving your skills in assessing and managing the entire risk spectrum of an organisation, including financial, operational and strategic
  • Qualifying you for more strategic risk management positions such as risk analyst, risk manager, Chief Risk Officer.

What benefits can CERAs bring to an employer?

  • CERAs make confident decisions related to complex financial challenges affecting business by applying qualitative and quantitative insights to risk management
  • CERAs add value to enterprise risk management through their rigorous training, making them the best equipped to provide a 360-degree view of an organisation’s risk profile
  • As actuaries, CERAs are bound by a code of professional conduct to act with integrity, care and competence
  • CERAs are trained through a rigorous multi‐year examination process to identify, measure, and manage risks and opportunities within complex enterprises
  • CERAs are equipped to develop models which reflect the real world and can inform strategic decisions.

"If you hire a CERA, you can be sure that they have been properly trained and educated to provide effective risk management that is based on a deep understanding of your business."
Francis (Frank) Sabatini, Chair CGA