CERA Member Actuarial Associations

The following actuarial associations are members of the CGA and are award signatories which means they can award the CERA qualification to their members.

There are five new Acceding Parties based in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Finland and Italy, who, because they have only just become a member of the CGA Treaty (2015/16), are not yet accredited as Award Signatories of the CGA.
The Casualty Actuarial Society (USA)
CERA Award signatory since:
October 2011
Society of Actuaries (USA)
CERA Award signatory since:
November 2009


All signatories to the Treaty use the acronym 'CERA', but CERA variously translates as one of the following, according to local requirements:

  • Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst
  • Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuary
  • Certified Enterprise Risk Analyst
  • Certified Enterprise Risk Actuary