Bio S Michael McLaughlin

US (SoA)
Society of Actuaries
S Michael (Mike) McLaughlin

S Michael McLaughlin has been appointed to serve on the CGA Treaty board by the SOA for an initial term of 3 years.  Mike’s comment was, “I’ll be honored to serve in this important role.”   


Mike was one of that early group of actuaries who led the profession into the then-emerging science of enterprise risk management.  Mike noted in 2001 that competing professionals were claiming expertise in a space where actuaries had deep knowledge. This led to the creation of a risk management task force within the SOA followed by the creation of educational materials.  Next came the creation of the CERA credential, the first new credential by the SOA since its inception in 1949. 


Mike believes that the CERA will become the unifying credential for actuaries all around the world.  As the profession looks to upgrade and standardize education, the CERA forms an ideal base for all kinds of actuarial work. 


After working for many years in the area of financial reporting, Mike worked in the area of risk management consulting for about 10 years, prior to his current semi-retirement status.  He continues to volunteer with the IAA and serves on four boards.  He also devotes much time to Trees That Feed Foundation, a nonprofit charitable organization whose mission is planting trees in developing countries to feed people, create jobs and benefit the environment.