Bio Régis de Laroullière

L'Institut des Actuaires
Régis de Laroullière

Régis de Laroullière is a fellow of Institut des Actuaires. He has been an active member of the profession for many years, including member of the Board of Institut des Actuaires (1993-2003), of Centre d’Etudes Actuarielles, and President of Scientific Committee of Institut des Actuaires (2008-2012). He presently serves as CEO of Institut des Actuaires, and is a member of Education Committee of International Association of Actuaries (IAA) and Actuarial Association of Europe (AAE).

Since 2007, he is an independent consultant in strategy, development, governance, and risk management, and was appointed in 2012 member of the supervisory board of BPI, a human resources advisory company.

In January 2014, he was designated as a member of Autorité des Normes Comptables (ANC), the French Authority of Accounting Standards.

He started his professional career in 1980 at the French Treasury, before joining UAP, the French leading insurance company that merged with AXA in 1996. He was appointed CEO of Crédit Foncier de France in 1997. In 2000, he joined as CEO Médéric, the leading pensions, life and health insurance paritarian group in France.

Régis is a graduate from Ecole Normale Supérieure in mathematics and Ecole Nationale d’Administration in economics. He teaches at Dauphine University and Institut du Risk Management, regularly publishes articles, and is an active member of think tanks. He chairs the Club of insurance undertaking’s executives.