A selection of popular ERM articles and papers This is a selection of popular ERM articles and papers some of which have been written by CERAs. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list but we will look to visitors to the site and our CERA member associations to contribute to this list on a regular basis.

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A versatile approach to risk management

Author: Cintia Cheong, The Actuary Magazine

Publication: March 2016

Actuary in a hard hat

Author: Arthur Els, The Actuary Magazine

Publication: March 2016

Actuarial Aspects of ERM for Insurance Companies

Author: Enterprise and Financial Risk Committee of the International Actuarial Association (IAA)

Publication: January 2016

Risk Implications of Unemployment and Under-Employment

Author: K. Shang

Publication: Casualty Actuarial Society, Canadian Institute of Actuaries and Society of Actuaries Joint Risk Management Section, December 2015

An initial framework to consider the alignment of organisational culture and enterprise risk management for South African insurers 

Author: K Nagar and M G Hayes

Publication: Actuarial Society of South Africa November 2015

ERM for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Publication: Society of Actuaries August 2015

The Evolution of ERM
Publication: The Actuary June 2015

Deriving Value from ORSA - Board Perspective
Publication: Subcommittee of the IAA's Insurance Regulation and Enterprise and Financial Risk Committees April 2015
President Fred Rowley said "We are proud to publish a paper that provides members of the Board with insight into the value of the ORSA process and establishes Board expectations for the information that senior management should routinely communicate to them. We expect the paper will provide helpful insights on the ORSA process to regulators as well".

Insurance risk management topics
Publication: IAA News Release April 2015
The International Actuarial Association hosted four seminars in Zürich, from April 7–9, on insurance risk management topics, a proposed new syllabus and set of education guidelines for qualified actuaries, mortality, and actuarial standards

Actuary named top job of 2015
Publication: The Actuary April 2015

InsuranceERM’s Most Influential 2015
Publication: InsuranceERM April 2015
We wanted to highlight the individuals who had shown the greatest dedication to improving the enterprise risk management of insurance companies, whether in their main roles as risk officers, consultants or regulators, or in their wider contributions ….

Model Risk: Daring to open the Black Box
Publication: Paper presented to the IFoA March 2015

Controlling our behavior
Publication: Society of Actuaries Actuary Magazine Feb/Mar 2015
Author: Mark Griffin, FSA, CERA
Many managers are struggling with the daunting task of designing a control environment for the actuarial aspects of an insurance company

Publication: Society of Actuaries International News Jan 2015
Author: Raymond Cheung
The 18th East Asian Actuarial Conference (EAAC) in Taipei concluded in October with a big bang! It was truly a remarkable event which attracted more than 750 delegates from Asia and other parts of the world to attend. The conference theme for this year was....

Actuarial Relevance through Innovation
Publication: Society of Actuaries Actuary Magazine Jan 2015
Author: Albert Moor
Enterprise risk management (ERM). The CERA designation did…sought to claim the expertise in ERM. In November 2005, the…position members to explore ERM opportunities and differentiate …

Global CERA: An International success story
Publication: Society of Actuaries Actuary Magazine Feb/Mar 2014
Authors: Francis P Sabatini, Stephen A Eadie
New organization (the CERA Global Association, or CGA…organizations signed the Global CERA Treaty. The treaty…that they cover the global CERA learning objectives well…

Global CERA Credential Celebrates Three-Year Anniversary
Publication: Society of Actuaries Actuary Magazine October 2012
Author: Francis P Sabatini
Volume 9 Issue 5 Global CERA Credential Celebrates…reconstitution of the global CERA Board as well…on the number of The CERA Global Association …

Can CERA change your Career?
Publication: The Actuary Magazine (SIAS, UK) November 2011
Author: Lindsay Smitherman
Lindsay Smitherman talks to three candidates who have gained the chartered enterprise risk actuary credential about their experiences and their ambitions in the ERM field …

CERA Goes Global
Publication: Society of Actuaries Actuary Magazine February 2010
Author: Chaundra Mcgill
Signing a global treaty establishing the CERA credential…Sabatini, CERA, the SOA representative to the Global Steering Committee… The new global CERA credential not only …

The following represent the top 10 downloads from the IAA website since December 2014 and the number of hits for each:

1. IAA Paper on Stress Testing and Scenario Analysis, 2013—100,717

2. Presentation by Manuel Aguilera at IAA Fund meeting in Mexico City on Solvency II in Mexico (Spanish only), 2012—25,229

3. IAA report on A Global Framework for Insurer Solvency Assessment, 2004—24,836

4. Presentation by Simon Walpole, Overview of Asian Insurance Markets, at IACA, IAAHS and PBSS Colloquium in Hong Kong, 2012—15,846

5. IAA Note on ERM for Capital and Solvency Purposes in the Insurance Industry, 2009—15,031

6. Paper by David Heeney and Terry Probert on Actuaries and Product Development, ICA 2002—14,417

7. Paper by Julio Kuroiwa on Ciencia Actuarial y la Gestión del Riesgo de Desastres Catastróficos, IAA Fund meeting in Lima, Perú, 2014—12,356

8. Paper by Klaus D. Schmidt and Mathias Zocher on Bornhuetter–Ferguson as a General Principle of Loss Reserving, ASTIN Conference, 2008—12,326

9. IAA Paper on Comprehensive Actuarial Risk Evaluation, 2010—9,814

10. Paper by Russell Ward, Matthew Cocke, and Russell Osman on Living with Solvency II: An economic capital perspective from recent history, AFIR/ERM, PBSS, LIFE Colloquium in Lyon, France, 2013—8,072